Former Cleveland Brown Johnny Manziel was recently found in a fistfight at a Hawaiian resort the night before his friend’s wedding. Although Manziel insists that he did not instigate the fight, there is inevitable proof that he did, in fact, throw a punch.

Manziel’s drinking problems are well documented, but to do so during a crucial free agency period leaves much to be desired for the talented QB from Texas A&M. Most notably during the 2015 season, Manziel missed the last game of the season due to a concussion yet was reported to have been partying in Las Vegas instead of staying with the team. Amidst issues of domestic violence and failed rehab attempts, this altercation is only one of Manziel’s many off-the-field issues that raise a bunch of red flags to potential suitors.

Will Johnny Manziel ever play in the NFL again? The NFL has had its fair share of athletes suffering from alcoholism or facing charges of domestic violence, but perhaps Johnny’s public image will forever be tainted. Our newest SportsGuru nancyamos chimes in with some advice that Manziel should probably take if he ever wants to play professionally again.