In our second episode of the Ryan Fitzpatrick drama, multiple SportsGurus chime in with their thoughts on the Jets QB situation. Yesterday, NYSMITTY gave us some reasons as to why Geno Smith may be able to carry the load as the starting QB for the Jets should Ryan Fitzpatrick reject the 3-year, $24 million dollar deal that the Jets offered him. Fitzpatrick gave us a simple, 3 word response that sums up the majority of what has been going on for the past few months: “Not right now”.

From the perspective of your average NFL fan (and nearly anyone), that kind of money is a pipe dream for most of us, but his buddy from the Arizona Cardinals Carson Palmer has another simple three word response that might irk a couple of stingy, frugal Jets fans.

Pay. That. Man.

Our SportsGurus Sports Haven and Bagsbroadcaster also seem to agree with NYSMITTY that Geno Smith has shown flashes of brilliance that may suggest that the young, budding QB will be able to carry the burden next season and blossom into a quality starting QB in the NFL. Too bad SportsGuru SPEEDZ thinks otherwise – he has another choice set of words that convey a simple yet resounding message.

Geno hasn’t developed. 

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