Russell Westbrook has signed a 3 year, $85.7 million extension with the Oklahoma City Thunder. With Durant leaving OKC for the Golden State Warriors, the Thunder can rest easy for a while knowing that they have locked up the All-Star point guard to lead their team to the top of the Western Conference. While losing Durant was a heavy blow, the Thunder have avoided potentially losing two MVP caliber players and still have enough talent to compete amongst their peers.

While news of Westbrook’s signing comes as a relief to Thunder fans, there are surely some teams who are rather disappointed, such as the Celtics or the Lakers. In fact, Thunder player Enes Kanter posted quite the gem on Twitter, trolling Lakers fans who are desperately looking for that next star to replace Kobe:


Maybe next time, Lakers fans.

How will the Westbrook-led Thunder fare in the West? Will a trade happen even with this three year extension? Let us know your thoughts on the app: