At this point, Michael Phelps has to be numb to the feeling of winning right? He’s the most decorated athlete in Olympic history with 25 medals, 21 of those gold. He has more than doubled the gold medal count of any other Olympian, winter or summer games. He is now the oldest olympian to win an individual gold medal (31 years old). He’s qualified for the Olympics 5 times, his first coming at the age of 15. And undoubtedly, is one of the most recognizable athletes in the world.gty_michael_phelps_kb_140930_16x9_992

And even in his (presumably) last olympics we are still treated to vintage Phelps moments on a nightly basis. Like his stare down of the one person dumb enough to provoke him. phelpsstaredown

Athletes like Phelps come along once in a life time. And with this being his last Olympics (who really knows though) his final races are must watch TV for any sports fan. When he hangs it up, we will all be able to say we were able to watch one of, if not the greatest Olympian of all time. Cheers to you Michael. michael-phelps_4or7lboqfjfd1bz6npcbms5au