SportsGuru JTLUTHER23 correctly predicts A-Rod’s retirement prior to his press conference last Sunday.

After 22 years of successes and controversies, Alex Rodriguez’s playing career finally comes to an end. Entering his final game with the New York Yankees against the Tampa Bay Rays 4 home runs short of 700, A-Rod’s final week as a player was packed with controversy (not unlike many other parts of his career), with Manager Joe Girard initially saying A-Rod has “earned the right for a conversation” about playing in all games against the Red Sox on his final week, but then saying that farewell tours are not part of his job description. Check out the videos throughout this post to see what our SportsGurus have to say about A-Rod’s last week with the Yankees, and keep reading below.


SportsGuru SPEEDZ talks about the breaking news of A-Rod’s retirement, his new advisor role, and what this means for the Yankees moving forward.

According to teammates and Yankee front office, A-Rod was essential in the team’s 2009 Championship. He is ranked 4th highest in home runs in MLB history, and holds the all-time record for Grand Slams with 25.

Arriving in 2004, A-Rod’s stint with the Yankees had its fair share of scandals and strained relationships with his former friend and then-captain, Derek Jeter.

SportsGuru SportsHaven talks about how the rift between Yankees management and A-Rod has affected the way his retirement is playing out.

These ups and downs made A-Rod a prime target for the media-capital of the world. When the league suspended A-Rod for steroids for the 2014 season his future in the league became questionable, but A-Rod staged an impressive comeback for the 2015 season, and then got hampered with injuries in 2016.

Is it classless for the Boston Red Sox to ignore the hype surrounding A-Rod’s retirement?

It’s not a fairy-tale ending like Jeter’s, but there’s probably nothing as New York as a little bit of glamour, controversy, and everything in between. So congratulations on retiring, A-Rod.

SportsGuru sportswithZ salutes A-Rod and Mark Texeira as they ride off into the sunset.

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