Last April, the Knicks walked off the court at Bankers Life Field House in Indianapolis 102-90 losers, bringing their record to 32-50 to finish off the season. A third straight sub .500 season, and another disappointment for the team from New York.

Going into the offseason, it was obvious that a shakeup was needed. Knicks fans patience with Phil Jackson was reaching a critical level. The triangle wasn’t working, the players he brought in were terrible, and his head coach lasted just a season and a half with a 40-96 record.

So Phil went out and traded perennial bench players Jerrian Grant, Robin Lopez, and Jose Calderon to the Bulls for former league MVP Derrick Rose, who had one year left on his 5 year 94 million dollar contract. On top of that, Jackson decided to use the new TV deal money and signed Bulls center Joakim Noah to a 4 year 72 million dollar contract. Add Brandon Jennings to the mix, and a new head coach in Jeff Hornacek, and there was reason to be excited about the upcoming season.

And Knicks fans had every right to be excited about what was to come from those offseason moves. For the first time since the 54 win season, there was hope. The players on the court matched the hype of New York City.

But right now, the Knicks sit at 1-3. They look bad defensively, and star players aren’t being utilized. (See Porzinghis sitting for the first 9 minutes of the fourth against Detroit) It’s a long season, and this team will have to learn to gel with each other. I said in my officially unofficial pre-season prediction that the Knicks would win 45 games this year. And I’m still standing by that. Call me a hopeless, delusional, desperate Knicks fan if you want. But the skill is there to have this team at least make a post season appearance.

Not that anybody is beating the Cavs in the East this year though. But hey, a guy can dream right? Who am I kidding, they’ll probably win 20 games and subject us to another season of agony.

Orlando Magic at New York Knicks
Don’t patronize me Melo