The Chicago Cubs have done the seemingly impossible, they’ve broken the 108 year old curse of the billy goat, by beating the Cleveland Indians in 7 games.

Back when names like Orville Overall were acceptable

And this game 7, was one of the most exciting, entertaining, and downright miraculous at times, games of baseball I’ve ever seen played. An absolute thriller down to the last pitch.

Before we go on talking about how great the Cubs 3-1 comeback was, the Indians need to be acknowledged for their play throughout the post season. What they were able to do, while missing two of their best starting pitchers, was astonishing. They absolutely tore through the American League, and came within one game of breaking their own 78 year drought of World Series titles. But in the end, the Cubs offense just got hot when it needed to.

Ben Zobrist came away with MVP honors for the World Series, and rightly so. Aside from his go ahead RBI double in the 10th inning, the man played consistently  everywhere on the field. When you hit .357/.419/.500 in the most pressure packed situation imaginable, it’s a safe bet to land MVP honors.

Of course, baseball is a team sport, and the Cubs are a team that came back from a 3-1 series deficit. To put that into perspective, in the history of the World Series, only 5 teams had come back from being down 3-1:

  1. 1925: The Pirates vs. The Washington Senators
  2. 1958: The Yankees vs. The Milwaukee Braves
  3. 1968: The Tigers vs. The Cardinals
  4. 1979: The Pirates vs. The Orioles
  5. 1985: The Roylas vs. The Cardinals

Now 31 years later, we can add the Cubbies to that list.

Congratulations Chicago, and a bigger congratulations to those life long Cub fans, who after a life time of misery, agony, and defeat, can rub everyone else’s nose in this until opening day 2017. By the way, opening day is April 3rd, but whose counting?

What would be great is if the Cubs were somehow able to get Bartman to throw out the first pitch next year. I highly doubt it will happen, but how cool would that be? It would essentially be the city of Chicago collectively apologizing for ruining that poor guys life and making him the scapegoat for one of the worst on field collapses in baseball history. But if I were Bartman, I’d want no part of that.

You can rest now Steve.