We recently partnered with startup beverage company VROU Water to produce a video commercial powered by our SportsGuru community. 

VROU Water is a new healthy workout drink with electrolytes and vitamins, but no sugar, and is naturally flavored. They target people looking to have a more powerful and healthy workout. 

SportsGuru is producing a branded editorial video in conjunction with VROU. The title of the video is “Most Powerful Sports Play of All Time”.

If you’d like to participate, here’s how:

  1. Record a video on SportsGuru describing your favorite/the most powerful sports play you’ve ever seen, of all time (can be about any sport. football, basketball, baseball, hockey, Olympics, soccer, other).
  2. Here are the requirements for the video: 
    1. Location: either outdoors in a place where you would normally jog or play sports, or at a gym/fitness studio. 
    2. Lighting: must be shot in good lighting (either daytime, or with very good light). Your face has to be clearly visible. 
    3. Attire: wear your workout clothes or SportsGuru t-shirt
    4. File upload: it’s best if you can choose the “HD Upload” option on the app (you can hit “Save for Later” after you record, and then upload from Wifi when you get home.

This is an exciting opportunity for our users to gain more visibility, and we look forward to hearing about your favorite sports moments.