SportsGurus Sports Haven, dougrush, AZ with DerrickD and NYSMITTY identify some key problems with the NY Jets franchise after a loss to the Indianapolis Colts Monday night. The Jets are officially out of playoff contention with a loss to the Colts 40-10.

Andrew Luck had a decent outing after his comeback from a concussion completing 22 of 28 passes for 278 yards and four touchdowns. Ryan Fitzpatrick went 5 of 12 and 81 yards and one interception. The interception that broke Bowles back. Jets head coach Todd Bowles switched out quarterbacks at halftime and now Bryce Petty will start the final four games for the Jets. Maybe there will be some hope for next year.

For now we’ll focus on the woes of this year’s team and the travesty it has become.

Sports Haven breaks down his disappointment with cornerback Darrelle Revis and defensive end Muhammed Wilkerson with their, literally careless, play this season.

Colts receiver T.Y Hilton made nine catches for 146 yards. His performance last night put him over 1,000 yards for the fourth time in five seasons in the NFL.

Dougrush contributes his thoughts on the lack of defensive tenacity
Az with DerrickD doesn’t think Fitzpatrick should take all the blame for the 3-9 record. When it mattered most the team didn’t stand behind him.

Despite the unprofessional manner that Bowles handled the Petty announcement, Fitzpatrick has held it together and is realistic about his poor performance this season.

NYSMITTY shares his two cents on changes that should be made for the Jets team going forward.

We’ve included a few Jets memes that are circulating, you’re welcome.

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