The Chiefs beat the Raiders 21-13 last night. The windchill was brutal, and the game was pretty sloppy all around. Derrick Carr, one of the games most electrifying players had arguably the worst game of his career. But luckily, for mankind, Tyreek Hill returned a Marquette King punt to the house for a touchdown, and thus started some of the most entertaining series of events I can remember. Here’s how everything unfolded:

Huge punt return TD by Tyreek Hill leads to Travis Kelce mimicking King’s signature celebration. Odd move by Kelce considering he had nothing to do with the play, but still, a real solid chirp. Kick him while he’s down. I mean, Kings one job is to make sure that does not happen. And Kelce made sure he knew he screwed up.

Obviously, Travis was still riding the high from a big win, kept going with the hot hand. I mean how could anyone respond to that? It’s just good old fashioned trash talk and making a fool of your opponent. And Kelce is obviously going to come out on to-….

DONE. That tweet should just shut down Twitter all together because it isn’t going to get any more disrespectful than that right there. Absolute showstopper. It might be time for Kelce to pack up and head to Canada because there isn’t enough ointment in the world to heal that burn.

Or, he and his AFC West leading Chiefs will keep rolling into the playoffs. Chiefs look good, and if they can seal home field advantage throughout the playoffs, they’ve got a real shot at making a run for the Superbowl. But, for a couple more days, this will be the tweet heard around the world.

PS: Check out these quick feet from yours truly. NFL Teams, I await your phone calls.