Before you read any further, I’m a Giants fan. I hate the Cowboys, I really do. Seeing them lose makes my entire week  that much better. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who despises Jerry Jones and everything else that goes along with “America’s Team” as much as I do. That nickname; “America’s Team”? I despise that nickname. My skin crawls at how absurdly self centered and egotistical it is. Nothing better for Jerry Jones and the legion of clowns that he employs though. Now with that being said:

I didn’t think the Giants had a chance going into last night. I figured the defense would do a pretty good job of shutting them down, but eventually the Cowboys would break out a lead that was a little too much for the Giants and the stagnant offense to come back from.

I’ve never been happier to have been wrong though.

Janoris Jenkins has been worth every penny he was paid in the off-season. In a season, of great games, last night was probably his best game as a Giant. He completely shut down Dez Bryant, and forced the fumble to basically ice the game.

The front 4 stepped up, and made Dak Prescott look like the rookie he is. Spags threw great packages all game at him, and aside from a blown coverage TD, rendered him completely useless.

I’m still looking for the offense, but anytime OBJ can flat out embarrass Dez like he did last night, you won’t catch me complaining.

Live look at Dez as OBJ turned a routine slant route into a 61 yard touchdown

Are the Cowboys going to win the division? Most likely. Are they going to have home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Most likely. But you better believe the last team Dallas wants to play in the post-season is New York.

Remember 2007 Jerry?