Lamar Jackson made history more than once this football season. He won the first Heisman Trophy in football history for the Louisville Cardinals, is the first Cardinal quarterback to rush for 1,000 yards in a single season and the youngest Heisman winner in 19 years. The sophomore has single-handedly destroyed teams this year. He led Louisville to 9-3 for the season and 7-1 in the ACC.

Granted the ACC isn’t the strongest football conference, but Jackson accumulated 51 touchdowns, of which he scored 21, and 4,928 yards. Jackson finished the regular season with 1,539 rushing yards.

Jackson exhibits a great appreciation for his team and according to ESPN he feels he couldn’t have won without them.

“To be able to stand up here with all the former winners, I’m extremely proud to represent this class and Louisville as their first Heisman Trophy winner,” Jackson said. “For my teammates, it’s an award for all of us. I can’t wait to cherish it with all of you.”

Jackson won with 2,144 points. The next in line was Clemson QB Deshaun Watson with 1,524. Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield was third with 361 points, Oklahoma running back Dede Westbrook finished with 209 and Jabrill Peppers had 208.

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Johnny Manziel and Jackson are the only quarterbacks to win the Heisman that have thrown for 3,000 yards and rushed for 1,000 in a single season. He joins Manziel as the only other Heisman recipient without a chance to win the national title.

Watson gave the Cardinals their only ACC loss of the season and was the ACC player of the year in 2015. He started the season as the Heisman favorite. He led the Tigers to a No. 2 national ranking and will take on Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl for college football playoffs. Watson rushed for 526 yards and had 3,914 passing yards this season for 43 touchdowns.

He gave Jackson a run for it, but the individual dominance wasn’t as great. Jackson was the best offensive player in college football for 2016. Jackson also edged out Watson as ACC player of the year.

It was the seventh time in Heisman history that the winner and runner-up were from the same conference.

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