After having already lost Chris Sale to the Red Sox, there is now talk of the White Sox trading Jose Quintana to the Yankees. The Yankees are looking for a starting pitcher for their roster but that would mean the Yankees have to give up some better younger talent, something that might not be a good idea to part with at this time.

There have been a number of teams during winter meetings that have surveyed the Quintana platter. The Astros wanted to trade Musgrove, Martes and Tucker for Quintana. The Astros thought the White Sox asking price was too high, and the Sox are in no rush to give him up.

SportsGuru MVP dougrush says the trade would be unlikely because the Yankees would have to give up too much to gain Quintana.


MLB Network’s Jon Morosi tweeted that the Yankees might have the answer for the Sox.

Quintana has a 3.41 ERA over four years he has been in the MLB. His contract runs through 2020 for a mere $37.85 million. The remaining on his contract doesn’t match the intangible value he brings and what the White Sox could get for him in return. According to FanGraphs Quintana’s surplus value in addition to his contract is $80 – $90 million.

According to ESPN Andrew Marchand the Yankees have worked hard to build their valuable farm team and wouldn’t want to trade a bunch of them away. Unless the opportunity cost of having Quintana now is greater than keeping the farm players for the future Marchand echoes the sentiments of dougrush and Morosi that this trade isn’t very probable.

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said in October that he didn’t want to wipe out the farm team to trades after the club had worked hard to build it back up. Maybe the Yankees will stick with the plan for greater success later on?