The Warriors lost to essentially the same Cavaliers team in the 2016 NBA Finals in seven games. So should we be surprised that after adding the second best player in the world to their team the Warriors won the 2017 NBA Finals in five games? Of course not.  The Warriors had way too many weapons all series. If Curry was having an off night, Durant and Thompson would pick up the slack. If Thompson was shooting poorly, the Warriors still had Draymond, Curry and Durant to lead the team. The Cavaliers relied too heavily on LeBron and Kyrie and it seemed every game by the 4th quarter both players were worn out. LeBron James still averaged a triple-double in the finals becoming the first player in NBA history ever to do so. If you like change, don’t watch the 2018 NBA season.  LeBron is not going anywhere and I fully expect him to make his 8th straight NBA Finals. I also expect the Warriors to make their 4th straight NBA Finals. Will the result be the same? Probably. Will I still watch? Absolutely.