Phil Mickelson will not win the 2017 U.S. Open, but he is in the running for father of the year award. His daughter’s graduation and the start of the U.S. Open took place at the exact same time this year so Phil Mickelson had to pick which one to go to. His daughter was valedictorian of her grade and was making a speech at the graduation. Phil made the right decision, but he also made the easy decision. There is a U.S. Open every single year plus three other Majors he can compete in this year. I think the bigger issue is why his daughters school could not move the graduation so it would not conflict with the U.S. Open. One would think that Phil has some big influence at her school and is a superstar around there. His daughter’s grade is also only 97 people so moving the graduation would not be that big of an inconvenience. It seems like this whole story could have been avoided by some better planning but it is what it is. Phil Mickelson made an easy decision look like an easy decision.