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The digital age has made people’s lives easy. It is safe to say that this modern day development altered the way the general public uses and processes readily available information, and the sports world is no exception to these changes.

On a whole, the National Basketball Association, its teams and officials, players and coaches, even fans and pundits, have all been remarkably open to the various advancements in ideas and technology. Anywhere from advanced statistics compilation, to social media platforms, to even high tech wearable technology, now saturate the league on a daily basis.

These aforementioned norms, along with other present day innovations, are constantly changing the way the league and the sport in general is viewed, scrutinized, and played. In this post we will highlight specific technologies that have had a positive impact on basketball.

On-Demand Viewing Experience



Most of today’s fans are always on the go, which is why the league is offering live NBA games to fans that aren’t able to access their televisions. These days, diehard fanatics not only have unlimited access to NBA games online, they also have the option to purchase single-match streams. Pedro Pincay even reported a brand new NBA League Pass that now includes the choice to stream games through virtual reality.

In-Game Data Compilation and Configuration


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The Houston Rockets were the first NBA team to welcome, revolutionize, and implement the term “analytics” in the modern game. Looking at the big picture, it is a smarter way to study basketball’s ins and outs, as well as prepare for game plans and even examine draft prospects. The NBA’s partnership with STATS LLC brings to light mind-boggling and groundbreaking statistics that now feature somewhat trivial yet highly useful numbers. It has data of where players scored their points, whether a shot was contested, and what shooting percentage a defender holds his opponents to.

Social Media Standards


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It is no secret that social media has changed the way people interact with each other. Of course Internet users need to take everything with a grain of salt, but the fact of the matter remains certain: the NBA became more enjoyable with the help of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Whether it is to provide up-to-date news and highlights, or show hilarious Shaqtin’ a Fool moments and lowlights, social media channels makes the whole experience more interactive.

All things considered, mobile technologies are at the heart of this so-called digital revolution. Similar to the way they affect the daily lives of teams and players; they also have an ever-growing influence on NBA devotees. Leading tech company Gaming Realms revealed in a post that 80 percent of their user base access their services via mobile. The company even points out how consumers, at large, have changed their media consumption practices and general behavior online, which in turn has meant companies and organizations like the NBA have had to shift their business models to a more mobile-friendly nature. The tech company, which is renowned for creating traditional casino games on platform Slingo as well as many other of its gaming properties, elaborated further by saying that consumers demand a more “immersive experience” which is why the NBA has followed suit and now have an on-demand viewing experience for paying customers as well as strengthened their social media reach to further build the NBA brand across the globe.

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