The Brooklyn Nets and the Los Angeles Lakers have made a trade days before the NBA Draft. The Nets will receive D’Angelo Russell and Timofey Mozgov for Brook Lopez and the 27th overall pick in this year’s draft. So who won this trade? If I had to pick a side I would say the Nets won this trade, but I do think it was a good deal for both teams. The Nets need young talent. D’Angelo Russell is young talent. Yes, they did trade their best player in Brook Lopez, but he is nearing the end of his prime and their is no need for aging players during the rebuilding process. This will also be a painfully slow rebuilding process as they don’t have their own 1st round pick until 2019. The Lakers unloaded Timofey Mozgov’s unexplainable contract to Nets, which will free up cap space for them to purse free agents like Paul George and LeBron James. They also receive Brook Lopez who is the best center the Lakers have had since they won 2 championships with Pau Gasol on the team. When the Lakers draft Lonzo Ball and if they can swing a deal for Paul George, the Lakers could be back playing playoff basketball.