After a tumultuous three years as team president, the New York Knicks have decided to part ways Phil Jackson. Jackson was 80-166 as president of the team. This comes at an odd time as the Knicks let Phil Jackson make their pick in the most recent NBA Draft. Frank Ntilikina was seen by many as a fit for the triangle offense that Phil is known for and was selected 8th overall. This was not without criticism from Knicks fans who viewed Ntilikina as not the best player available but just one that fits Phil Jackson’s system. Without Jackson, the Knicks are left without an identity and have a roster with glaring weaknesses. Whoever takes over as president has their work cut out for them and a long road to ultimately reach the playoffs. Among other issues, the Knicks need to make contract decisions with many key players such as Derrick Rose and Carmelo Anthony and need to deal with the tension between the front office and superstar center Kristaps Porzingis. The future is uncertain for the Knicks who will likely not make the playoffs in the coming years and are a long way away from contending for a championship.