Hello Everyone, the team at SportsGuru would like to introduce a new feature to the SportsGuru app. Starting next week, we will be selecting what we consider the best video of that week, every week. Our first video of the week will be featured on July 12th. To have your video selected as the video of the week your video should be relevant to current events going on in sports. In addition to this, we would like the videos to be creative, so think outside the box when making your videos!  Also when making the video try to include some of your own takes or opinions, don’t just present the facts about what happened. We want to hear what you, the fans, have to say about what is going on. If your video does get featured we will post it on all of our social media accounts as well as featuring it on the app. We will push for your video to be featured on media publishers across the country. Your video will also be used in a SportsGuru blog post. We are excited to watch all of your videos!