The winner of the first video of the week competition was SportswithZ. His video on Mavericks’ rookie Dennis Smith Jr had all of the elements that we are looking for in the video of the week. His video was engaging, opinionated, and talked about a relevant and timely topic in sports. SportswithZ made the point that although Dennis Smith Jr. is off to a hot start in the summer league, the hype should only truly begin when he performs at this level in the NBA. SportswithZ still views Dirk Nowtizki as the face of the franchise and that it is too soon to call an unproven rookie the future of your franchise. Dennis Smith Jr. has been the best rookie in the summer league and if you are a Mavericks fan there is reason for optimism. The Mavericks finished under .500 last season for the first time in over a decade. If I were a betting man I’d say the Mavericks won’t have too many more losing seasons. The future in Dallas is bright. Congratulations to SportswithZ for the awesome video. We look forward to seeing all of your videos and announcing the next video of the week!