Former Yankee reliever David Robertson and New Jersey born third baseman Todd Frazier are returning home to play for the Yankees. The Yankees traded their 2016 first round pick, Blake Rutherford, along with a couple other minor league prospects. This trade will certainly help the Yankees make their second half push to playoffs. After an extremely hot start the Yankees have struggled for almost two straight months. The bullpen has been very inconsistent recently, which is why adding David Robertson is so important. David Robertson will provide stability to a unstable Yankees bullpen and has a 2.70 ERA. Todd Frazier, who is a home run hitter, should love playing at Yankees Stadium. Frazier is batting .207 and has 16 home runs this season. The Yankees needed to get a bat for their corner infield. Todd Frazier and Chase Headley can split time at third. Chase Headley also said he is willing to play first. This trade give Joe Girardi more flexibility when making his lineup. This is a very solid trade for the Yankees and should give them the tools needed to make the playoffs.