For the second week of our video of the week competition we selected DArealFLYNHWN’s video on Lonzo Ball. Her video gave an interesting take on the polarizing Lakers point guard. DArealFLYNHWN made the point that it is a bit absurd to already call him the next NBA superstar after only having played summer league. Although he played at an extremely high level (16.3 ppg, 9.3 apg, 7.7 rpg) and won summer league MVP, his performance is mostly inconsequential. DArealFLYNHWN pointed out that the previous NBA summer league MVP’s have had extremely subpar seasons after performing so well in the summer. The past three summer league MVP’s all average under 5 ppg in the regular season. Lonzo Ball was not without flaws during the summer league. Despite his eye opening stats, he shot only 38% from the field and a very concerning 23.8% from three. However the consensus seems to be that Lonzo Ball has an immense amount of potential and should be able to perform at the same level in the NBA. Thank you to DArealFLYNHWN for the great video and we look forward to seeing more videos from all of you guys.