SportsDennis is our week 4 Video of the Week winner for his take on the Dodgers acquiring Yu Darvish. His video really captured how Baseball fans feel about the trade. Anytime a star player gets traded emotions are bound to be high. SportsDennis, who is a Mariners fan, looked at the trade from both a fan of Baseball and a fan of the Mariners. From the Mariners perspective this trade is great. The Mariners no longer have to face Yu Darvish when they play their division rival anymore. This could prove to be important as the Mariners battle for a wild card spot in the American League. From a Baseball fan perspective this trade makes the Dodgers an even bigger favorite to win the World Series. SportsDennis did a great job of displaying the emotion felt from both perspectives and adding his own analysis to the news of the trade. Congrats SportsDennis! We look forward to watching all of your videos and selecting a new Video of the Week winner next week!