In a season that has some wondering if the NY Jets can even win a game this year, it is definitely a bit of a surprise they managed to actually win their first game of preseason. While a 7-3 victory in the first game of preseason is hardly a reason to book flights for this years Super Bowl, it may very well be one of only a handful of times that Jets fans are able to leave the Meadowlands happy.

Josh McCown, a veteran Quarterback signed by the Jets to help mentor their two younger QBs had a promising debut despite taking only 8 snaps.  He was 3-4 for 72 yards and a touchdown, which has some Jets fans hoping he will be able to play serviceably as a QB despite being age 38 and on his 10th NFL team.  If he can win them a few games and do a good job mentoring the Jets 2 young QBs in Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty, he will absolutely prove worth his 1 year, 6 million dollar deal he signed.

Outside of McCown’s promise, the Jets defense gave fans another thing to be hopeful about entering the season.  Managing to hold the Titans to just a field goal on the night, the entire team performed well on that side of the ball, but it was the first teams performance against a solid Titans team lead by Marcus Mariota, who is looking to build on his first few successful seasons and take the next step in his development. Unfortunately for Mariota, he was largely stymied by the Jets defense, only gaining 28 yards over two series while also being sacked once and going 3-and-out.  This sort of performance is going to be what the Jets will need if they’re going win games this year, as their offense doesn’t seem like one that will be putting up enough points to win games on it own very often.

Overall, Jets fans ought to be cautiously pleased after this game; they know they’re in for a tough rebuilding season, but for now they can hold on to the fact that they’re undefeated.