After all of the rumors about Justin Verlander potentially being traded this season, it finally happened just hours prior to the end of the waiver deadline.  After an amazing first half of a season that saw them establish themselves as one of the frontrunners to win the World Series, they have struggled in the second half.  Injuries to key players like Carlos Correa and Lance McCullers Jr. certainly played a big role in their poor performance, and with both of those players set to return in the coming weeks, the Astros focus is to get healthy before the playoffs.

That being said, playing sub .500 baseball is not the way Houston wants to enter the playoffs.  With only 1 World Series appearance in over 50 years (which they lost), the Astros are focused on adding to that number and finally winning it all, and the trade for Verlander proves that.  Adding an experienced pitcher with multiple Cy Young Awards to his name to a team that looks well positioned for a playoff run is the kind of move that puts a team over the top and makes them a real threat.  A 1-2-3 punch of Dallas Keuchel, Lance McCullers Jr., and Justin Verlander has the potential to be absolutely dominant in the playoffs.

After all of the bad news surrounding Houston this week, seeing the ‘Stros make an uncharacteristic move to go all in for the 2017 season could have a rallying effect on the team and their fans and finally spur them to their first title.

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