Our week 9 Video of the Week winner is SkinzFan87 for his take on UCLA’s epic 34 point comeback against Texas A&M. UCLA was down 44-10 in the 3rd quarter and went on to score 35 straight points to win the game 45-44. The last touchdown was scored on a fake spike, which was a fitting ending for such a wild game. If you are a sports fan a game like this has to get your heart pumping. SkinzFan87 displayed that sort of excitement and shock in his reaction video to the game that every sports fan watching the game was feeling. Josh Rosen, aka “Chosen Rosen”, led UCLA with almost 500 passing yards and 5 touchdown passes.  Josh Rosen is expected to be a top pick in this year’s upcoming NFL draft and has put himself directly in the Heisman Trophy discussion. SkinzFan87 said it best, “what an epic game!”