Best Performance:

The best performance from week 1 had to be the Kansas City Chiefs. To go into the defending champions backyard and dominate them like they did is impressive. Tom Brady had only lost two times when leading at half time at home in his entire career! Alex Smith was the best QB on the field all game and how about the Chiefs rookie RB Hunt. He fumbled in his first NFL carry ever. He proceeded to torch the Patriots defense the rest of the night. He racked up over 200 total yards. Chiefs did the improbable and have entrenched themselves in the best team in the league conversation.


Worst Performance:

There were many candidates for the award, but it had to go to the Colts. I know Andrew Luck was out with an injury, but man did they look bad. They suffered the worst lost of any team this week, losing by 37 points. Starting QB Scott Tolzien threw a pick 6 right away and then the flood gates opened. The Colts’ defense made Jared Goff look like Drew Bree’s and the Colts’ offense made the Rams’ defense look like the 2000 Ravens. If you are a Colts fan it is going to be a long year.

P.S. Bengals looked so bad this week they easily could have gotten this award. To be shutout at home and have your franchise QB throw 4 picks is pathetic!


Most Surprising Performance:

The Jaguars impressed me this week. The Texans were playing at home with a ton of emotion and the Jaguars went in there and physically dominated the game. Rookie Leonard Fournette had a great career debut and the Jaguars defense was scary. The Jaguars had 10 sacks, which was a franchise record! Tom Savage, the starting QB for the Texans, had no chance all game and was replaced in the second half by rookie QB Deshaun Watson. The Jaguars went from a team who many expected to finish in last place to a team that now is expected to make the playoffs in the matter of a week.


Most Disappointing Performance:

The Giants finished last season 11-5. Had one of the best defenses in the league and bolstered their offense in the off-season by adding Brandon Marshall and rookie TE Evan Engram. To say their performance on Sunday Night Football was disappointing is an understatement. I get that the Giants didn’t have OBJ, but they still have to score more than 3 points. Eli Manning looked old, the offensive line defied all odds and actually looks worse than last season, and Brandon Marshall was M.I.A the entire game. People are asking is the Cowboys defense good or is the Giants offense bad? Let me answer that one for you. The Giants offense is BAD!